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Desperate to escape a city gripped in fear, an unexpected group gathers for a deadly street race where the winners are promised the ultimate prize – their freedom.

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  • Drama, Thriller
  • HD
  • Sterdo, CC
  • TV-MA

In a near-future London, a mysterious illness has spread throughout the country, leaving a population gripped in fear. As an increasingly desperate government imposes a strict nightly curfew, there is only one hope for freedom—from the virus and from tyranny... an illegal and potentially deadly street race that takes place once a year. This high-octane drama follows the twists and turns of one such race and its unexpected participants. With a thrilling ensemble cast that includes Sean Bean (GAME OF THRONES), Adam Brody (THE O.C.) and Billy Zane (TITANIC), CURFEW is a fun, frenetic ride that explores the lengths ordinary people will go to race themselves free.

Featured Cast

Sean Bean

Plays as

The General


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